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About us

Yollix is a business listing portal providing opportunity only to the USA based businesses to register their business. We are goal oriented professionals dedicated towards implementation of latest technology in order to provide you a better experience to list your business effectively. Our team continuously working to offer you significant business benefits. The experts at Yollix are experienced enough to cater all your requirements and come up with the following points:

  • Effective Platform To Choose Different Business Categories: By choosing Yollix, you can find various categories along with locations that are the most relevant to your business. Thus, you can list your business in quite a relevant place and get the top searches.
  • Engaging Approach To Make Friends: With listing your business with us, it is much easier for potential customers to find your company. So, you can engage a great audience and make friends by sharing your posts.
  • Reliable Resource To Get The Information: Yollix is a reliable resource whom you can trust. Once a genuine verified user posted a review about any business, no one can manipulate it.
  • Customer Satisfaction, Our Responsibility: Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. That’s the reason we provide each and every facility that can improve their business and provide the best results.

In a nutshell, you can gather customer’s feedback about any service or product and come up with a wise decision. As well as, you may also enhance your business visibility online and utilize the desirable results in a term to inform your potential customers about your business. The best part is that you can get all these advantages at single site without any hassle.

Some interesting facts about us

So you may know what we can bring you

We are USA based, located at California.

We have 20+ staffs (developer, moderator, sales) and keep on growing.

Our staffs have traveled 10 miles each year on average


There are 600+ verified reviews each month on registered businesses.

Our revenue has been increased 20% last year.

Listings on our Yollix have been retweeted 2k+ last year.