10 Ways to Prevent a Home Lockout

10 Ways to Prevent a Home Lockout

After spending a long day around the town, all you need is to go and unwind in your home. You feel the urge to relax in your haven. 

When you are standing in front of the door, you just need to get your hands on the keys and open the lock. It feels really bad when you can't find the keys. It has happened to the best of us and is one of the most annoying situations in our lives.

Four Possible Reasons 

There are four possible reasons for a home lockout.

You Left The Key At Home

It often happens that you forget to pick the home key before leaving the house. The busy schedules and deadlines can easily make us forgetful. 

At times, you think that you picked the key but that was a memory from the previous day. And you are hopelessly staring at the locked door in the evening! Call a reliable locksmith in Prince Georges MD to rescue you.  

You Lost The Key After Leaving Home

You may have brought the key with you but you have lost them during the time out. You may have lost the keys in the mall, office or on the bus. There are places where you cannot easily locate lost keys such as public buses!

The Door Lock Is Damaged

You may have the key but the door lock is stuck like nothing else. An old or damaged lock can get difficult to open or close.  

The Door Key Is Damaged/Broken

Another possibility is that you have the key and the lock is perfectly fine. The issue lies with the key. A broken or damaged key can be the reason for the home lockout.

Whatever the reason may be, a lockout is equally irritating. Here are 10 tried and tested ways to prevent a home lockout. Some of the following can be more effective than others. You may find some of these too risky but they work!

1. Always Check Your Keys before Leaving

Develop a habit of checking your keys before leaving your house. I have a small list of items in my mind which I always check at the door. The home keys should be your priority if no one is going to be at home when you return. Put the key hanger near the main door so that fewer chances of forgetting remain.

2. Make Some Spare Keys

It is extremely risky to keep a single copy of your home keys. Invest some money to make spare keys. Keep one of the copies in your car, wallet or purse. I always keep a duplicate key in my office locker.  

3. Share Keys with Trusted People

Other than keeping a spare key with you, you can share them with trusted people. The neighbors are the nearest and can provide the spare key within a few minutes. You can also entrust the keys to a friend or a family member. Be very careful in selecting the people before sharing the keys!   

4. Replace Old or Damaged Locks

Most of us ignore the damages unless we face a serious situation due to them. If your door locks are frequently stuck and take a lot of effort while opening or closing, replace them. Such locks are not only a reason for lockout but can provide an easy way to the invaders.

5. Find Good Stash Places

It is a common practice to stash the keys in the yard or door front. If you want to avoid the hassle of keeping the keys with you, find a good stash place. Get creative and find the most "unobvious" places to hide the keys. 

Buy a realistic fake stone and put it in your yard. Hide the keys in the contractor's box which should be out of sight.  

6. Have A Key finder

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can use a key finder. It is a device that works with the same principle as your mobile Bluetooth and lets you "locate" the keys. 

It is important to replace the batteries every 3-6 months so that you can face an emergency with grace!

7. Opt For Keyless Locks

Technology has provided us with better and easier options. If you are tired of keeping and securing keys, opt for keyless locks. The padlocks are the simplest versions of keyless locks. There are smart locks that can be operated with a mobile application.

8. Learn Some Lock Picking Tricks

Lock picking is a notorious skill but you can use it for your good. Learn some helpful tricks to pick the home lock installed at your place. In case of a lockout, put your skill to the use.

9. Leave A Hidden Entryway

This is quite risky but can be useful at times. Leave an accessible entryway into your house. It can be a window or garage door. The entryway should be disguised as securely locked unless you want a burglar in your house.

10. Call A Locksmith  

Hire a professional locksmith in Prince Georges to inspect and secure your lock.