How to Properly Exchange Business Cards to Grow your Business Relations

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How to Properly Exchange Business Cards to Grow your Business Relations

One thing I've realized as a communication coach is that exchanging business cards is a great way to make yourself remembered and contribute to building a good business relationship. But, you need to do it with some style.

The first thing to remember is that the quality of your cards matter. Most business cards that I get are poorly made and they don't really reflect professionalism. I take them, I put them away and I forget about them.

You want a card made out of quality material, with a good looking font and arrangement of the information on it. In addition, if it has a unique touch that makes it stand out, that is great. People will not only remember the card, but they'll also remember you better.

The second thing to remember is to choose the proper moment to exchange cards. You don't want to exchange business cards as soon as you shake hands with a person as if you're on a business card hunt.

Wait a while, have a conversation, get to know the other person and their business. Only at the end of the conversation, exchange business cards. You will find that this exchange will have a lot more meaning if done at this moment.

Last but not least, take a look at the card before saying goodbye to the other person, and try to remember the face of the person it belongs to. A few weeks later, you might look at the card and have no idea who it belongs to.

If you notice something interesting about the business card, like a nice logo or color combination, do make a comment about it. Such business pleasantries are often part of the glue that holds relationships together.