Remember Tips for helping you out of the rent trap and stop renting

Remember Tips for helping you out of the rent trap and stop renting

Many people are moving to other countries for various reasons. They shift to other places in search of jobs; they are married to the locals there or to just to a new life altogether. Whatever the reasons may be influencing this act; they have to understand that there are some rules and regulations to follow when they are in that country.

In the same way, you have to remember some tips that helping you out of the rent trap and stop renting when you are in Australia. The laws are different and you have to follow them if you want a hassle-free house.

Process of helping you out of the rent trap and stop renting:

The rules and regulations of rent to buy a house in Australia are almost the same in all regions but there can be a slight difference in various states. The main thing is that the process of shifting is identical all around the territories. If you are shifting to Australia from another country then you have to obey all the rules and regulations and follow this process;

Check the Property:

As soon as you decide on the property you want to buy; you have to check the property. It is best to inspect the house yourself as you will know what are the pros and cons of the property. If you can’t do it then you can hire a representative. Take your time to check the property whether it is able to live in or not.

Application Submission:

A correct application must be submitted so that you can have a house to buy legally. There are many instances when people commit fraud. In order to avoid that you have to consult a professional and present a form in which you have to write details of where you lived before, working in which trade, present income and a character reference from different people.

Agreement of Lease:

This is basically the tenancy period between the landlord and the tenant. In this the time duration of the mortgage is mentioned, the instalment time and amount and if there are any special terms and conditions to be considered.

Down Payment Deposit:

There must be an amount deposited as a down payment. This amount is subtracted from the actual amount and the rest of the money is divided into monthly instalments that the person has to pay.

Move into 3 Bedroom House for Rent to buy:

When you have done the above-mentioned steps of renting a house to buy then you can shift into the house. It is important that you be careful to list down the vital points when planning to shift and follow them.

Tips to Remember Prior Shifting:

Sifting to a new house you bought is different from moving into a rented house to buy. You surely know that the whole house you purchased has everything new but the house you are going to rent has been previously rented by others and there can be damages done to the property. So prior to shifting you have to consider some points that are explained by many property companies like Stop Renting Perth.

Inspect the Utility Connections:

The safety of the house must be your first priority. You have to check for various utility connections in the house. These must be gas, electricity, phone and the security that you need to inspect.

Prepare the Paperwork:

This should include the tenancy agreement, application and the contract of the security deposit. It must be prepared at least a month before the shifting also a written observation of the building.

Changing the Mailing Address:

You don’t want your friends and family to be unaware of the address of your newly rented house. Or that your mailing address is missing from important documents. It is crucial that you change the old address to the new one and also inform the friends and family.

Acquire Insurance:

If the agreement papers of the tenancy already have a clause of insurance then you need not worry; if not then acquire insurance that covers the different aspects of the building. Get the policy which provides majority coverage.

Paying the Bills:

This is applied in the case where the house to buy is rented by more than one person. The instalment along with the bills is split into equal shares amongst the housemates. A separate agreement is made for rent of a house by more than one tenant.

Take care of Children and Pets:

Make arrangements that neither the children nor the pets come into your shifting process. You don’t want your pest to be running around and breaking your precious things or the children getting hurt because of the items scattered around the house.

Cleaning the House:

You can hire a team of professional cleaners to properly clean the house. Or you can save a little from it and clean it yourself with the help of friends and family.

Obtain Extra Keys:

The very last thing to remember before actually shifting into your own home that you are willing to buy is to obtain spare keys. If the landlord is unable to give you a set of extra keys then the best thing to do is to get your own. But keep in mind to have the landlord’s permission first. Helping you out of the rent trap and stop renting is the best option for all.