Our Terms and Conditions

Application of Terms and Conditions

Below mentioned Terms and Conditions are referred to the domain yollix.com and apply to all services provided in the business directory unless there are special conditions for a certain service.

In Yollix Business Directory, users can search for different information about companies/businesses/service providers and authorized persons. This information is taken from publicly accessible documents and from registered authorized persons.

The users or clients can apply for the portal services offered with or without registration solely on the basis of these terms and conditions. The terms listed here are also valid if Yollix fulfills an unconditioned request knowing the client's divergent conditions, even if these are different from the ones listed here. Yollix Employees are not authorized to make additional oral agreements.

Preliminary conditions for the use of Yollix

In order to register their business or to use specific services, a user must register in advance. Registration is free of cost but the listing of business is free as well as paid. Yollix reserves the right to cancel the registration, in case it becomes impossible to update data from public sources, without notifying to the client. Requirements of the registration form, all the information should be genuine, accurate and complete. On the basis of correctness and completeness, we have the right to delete his registration temporarily or permanently and to forbid the client to use the registration-based services.
Conditions for Clients and Users

The use of the search functions and information provides does not imply any contractual relationship between the user and business authorized person. There will not be contractual claims against the registered business authorized person. Likewise, there will be never any claims against the Yollix concerning the business publishing services.
Use of Information

Any commercial misuse of the information presented on the Yollix is strictly prohibited: the creation of directories, electronic or printed databases, the reproduction, processing or distribution of the information to third parties is prohibited as well. The user can use our directory only in accordance with legal provisions, in particular with the regulations applied to data protection. Our source codes, logos, texts, and pictures are protected by copyright rights. Any reproduction and use of certain materials are prohibited and it is subject to the civil and criminal law. Users or clients are not allowed to post, send any information, programs or content, by email or any other means to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any website, software or hardware.

We do not verify any content, which registered clients or users post through the Yollix and does not guarantee, nor assume any responsibility for the correctness, integrity or quality of such content.

Removal of Content or Business Page

Yollix has no control over the content published by the users and clients. The content of the company presentation page cannot have any reference to the followings: pornography, adult or mature content, racial intolerance content, hacking or cracking content, illegal drugs content, gambling related content, sales of hard alcohol and tobacco-related products or any other content that promotes illegal activity and infringes the legal rights of others. We reserve the right to delete the business page of those companies that contain these type of materials.

Spamming the business portal is prohibited. This includes especially sending illegal emails, it is also prohibited to provide false information concerning the sender or to hide his real identity in any way.

Conditions for Registered Users

When registering on the Yollix portal, the account holder is not allowed to share the password with third parties. The account holder is responsible for all activities conducted through his password. The account holder is required to notify Yollix immediately about any unauthorized use of his password and any other breach of security. The client is fully responsible for the accuracy and legality of the information provided by him.
Yollix has the right to periodically inform the client about new services offered in the form of a newsletter and to ask the client to update his published data for accuracy if necessary. If there is any reason we believe that the published information is false, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete, Yollix has the right to request from the client to update the information by e-mail at any time. If the client does not respond to the e-mail, we have the right to delete his profile from the portal. The client has the possibility to cancel this at every newsletter.

Rights of Use

Yollix puts great emphasis on the reliability of servers operating with as few and short delays as possible. Still, delays caused by maintenance or server failures are not excluded. Therefore we do not assume responsibility for such interruptions.

Yollix assumes no liability for damages arising from the use of the business directory by clients or users. There cannot be invoked the claims for loss of profits, third-party claims for compensation or other direct or indirect damages resulting from interruptions.

Privacy Policy

Yollix binds itself to comply with data protection laws and to use the data committed by clients only within legal limits. This privacy policy applies only to our site yollix.com. For the contents of other websites that you can access through external hyperlinks on our site, we do not assume any responsibility.

In case your rights are affected by a record, please let us know. We will delete every problematic record immediately.

When you visit our site, the servers save temporarily and automatically the Internet Service Provider, the site you've visited in our directory, and the date and length of your visit as well for the security of the system. We will evaluate the data to estimate the use of our system in order to find out in details our clients' needs and to compile statistics. All procedures and high safety standards are met. We do not use the collected information for personal purposes.

Use of Cookies

To make your visits to our site more attractive we will use in some parts of the site so-called "cookies" in the future as well; these refer to small text files generated by web servers and with the help of the browser you use they are saved on your computer. In some places, we use session based cookies. They are used to enable web applications to manage the visitor's online status and to allow the visitor to navigate smoothly between the services and the content of the websites. These types of cookies, in the longer term, are used mainly to make available the recurring settings for the internet users on our websites anytime. In case personal data should be stored in these types of cookies, your consent will be required before saving. You can set your browser to notify you prior to the installation of any kind of cookies or to refuse to accept them. The refusal of these cookies may lead to supply restrictions on our site. Thank you for your understanding.
Security of Personal Data

We use all the technical and organizational security measures to protect authentication information, passwords or any other data recorded for security purposes, from accidental manipulation, or unauthorized access. The methods used to meet the protection requirements are in accordance with the generally accepted standards of this field.

Your personal data will be processed by us only in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act. Your personal data will not be transferred to a third party.


We will take all necessary technical and organizational security measures to protect your login information, passwords or any other data recorded for security purposes, against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or unauthorized use or access. To meet the protection requirements the methods we use are in accordance with the generally accepted standards of this field.
Fees for Use

The use and search of our information features are FREE. We offer both free as well as paid listing packages. Paid listing package offer more feature when listing the business on the Yollix. Approval of business qualifying our terms and conditions is guaranteed. We only accept payment via Paypal method.

If you do not agree to any of the provisions of our Terms and Conditions, you should not use Yollix Business Directory and any of our related services.