Zwinger Vom Heidelberger Schloss
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5557 Everglade Trail, Browns Valley - California City - CA - 90001

Zwinger Vom Heidelberger Schloss


Zwinger vom Heidelberger Schloss is breeder a trainer of quality German Shepherds since 1980. We are a famous Dog training centre in the Northern region of California. We have seven acres of dedicated land for training and breeding high-quality German Shepherds.

Our training and breeding program is run by Thomas Sauerhoefer, a German Shepherd Breeder with over three decades of experience breeding, training and showing German Shepherd Dogs in both Germany and the United States. Enroll your dog to our protection training program, Obedience training program or both. This will help in developing the intelligence and civil behaviour of your dogs.

We are proud to be the premier supplier of German Shepherds; we have female dogs from higher bloodlines for breeding purpose. We also sell puppies of the better breed, you can find anywhere on the internet.

Purchase dogs by signing an agreement only. Pay through debit card or credit card. We will deliver your pooch at your door step. Contact us via email at or call (530) 749-8861

Become a proud owner of well-trained German Shepherd with us!