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Matcha Outlet


We offer 100% USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder. No matter if you drink your favorite Matcha Latte at home or offer it in your café, bar or bakery- now you can enjoy it at the affordable price.

Matcha is an ancient form of green tea unique to Japan and China. Instead of throwing out the leaves once the tea is brewed, Matcha is made from the whole green tea leaf, which is specially grown and ground into a finely-powdered form.

Whether you drink it for its unique flavor or its countless health benefits, matcha is a great go-to throughout the year. But if you’re like most people, sipping a hot drink on a hot day doesn’t sound too appealing.

Keep your cool with Honey & Lemon Matcha Iced Tea! A soon-to-be summer staple, this irresistible blend combines the classic matcha flavor with honey, lemon and a bit of sweetness. A true treat for your senses, it’s super-invigorating and perfect when the temperature climbs. And while it highlights the earthy taste of green tea, there’s no bitter or grassy aftertaste.

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