Straight From Philly
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65 W Lake Mead Pkwy - Henderson - NV - 89015

Straight From Philly


Straight From Philly is one of the best restaurants in Henderson, NV, to fulfill your cravings of cheesesteaks. Choose from our delicious menu, whether your taste buds are asking for juicy steaks, mouth-watering chicken, or some hot sandwiches, we serve it all in our restaurant at Henderson. Our chefs will be offering you a finely chopped delicious meat out of which cheese and onion flavors will be screaming out in every bite. It’s a delicate mixture of soft bread, grilled onions, and cheese. Taste the authentic steaks of Henderson, Straight From Philly. Head to 1659 West Warm Springs Road, or give us a call at +1 702-567-8325.