Yollix Review Policies

We welcome and support users to participate in the Yollix ratings and reviews feature. Please follow the following guidelines, as well as Yollix Terms and Conditions.

Do not submit reviews for a business that include:

  •     Inappropriate language. Only English is allowed.
  •     Information that is not relevant within the context of the business services provider.
  •     Personal attacks and/or offensive comments are not allowed.
  •     Too short reviews will not be approved. For Example - "Great services", "Best company" etc. Write more in detail about your experience.

If we feel that a submitted review does not comply with our guidelines and policies and off-topic or lacks an appropriate level of detail, it will not be posted on the Yollix Directory.

We reserve the right to hold the submit reviews where a suspicious activity or potential conflicts of interest could be present, such as:

  •         Reviews from close one's such as relatives, friends etc.
  •         Reviews from employees of the same company as the Reviewee.
  •         Invalid email address, including use of "disposable" addresses.
  •         Unusually high number of submissions by one user.
  •         Unusually high number of reviews for a professional.
  •         Reviews from users who take compensation for writing reviews.

If we determine that you are enabling the posting of false reviews that are not submitted by a client, or otherwise in violation of these review guidelines, Yollix reserves the right to disable your account and terminate any associated business listing.