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ellingtondenzel179 wrote a review for Venice Cleaners
- 19 Jun 2019

Fast and friendly service. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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- 18 Jun 2019

I worked with Mr. Mandel and his team. I found they are knowledgeable, and paid attention to detail to exceed expectations every time. They have...

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leomaynard wrote a review for JanBask Training
- 14 Jun 2019

I joined JanBask training for AI or ML certification course. The course content is overwhelmed, and they explain every concept in depth from an...

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hendrick wrote a review for Hendrick
- 14 Jun 2019

Hendrick Manufacturing specializes in on-time, on-budget delivery of custom-engineered and manufactured perforated metal. We have more than 140...

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peterkotler wrote a review for Venice Cleaners
- 13 Jun 2019

I absolutely love Venice Cleaners. They provided me great service. I would like to recommend them to everyone, who is looking for dry cleaning...