Under the Open Sky
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Under the Open Sky

"Https://under-the-open-sky.com/blog/ Under the open sky"" was designed as a universal place for people who can not imagine their lives without fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. We will help you navigate the world of outdoor equipment. Here you will discover and discover things that even your local store employees may not know about! Our site was founded by a team of enthusiastic lovers of outdoor activities, and all articles are written by experienced hunters, tourists and fishermen. The most difficult topic is explained by one of the founders, an avid angler and hunter Chris Hayes. Both novices and professionals value his articles because Tom deeply understands their needs. Chris regularly goes fishing and hunting tours in the US and abroad, and he is always happy to try a new place, a new look or a new hunting style. In the open sky, you will find his travel tips. Proper equipment and clothing will keep you warm and dry even in the most difficult conditions. Thanks to our fresh news and reviews, you will be aware of the latest innovations in the field of equipment, clothing and equipment, unique new products and the best deals on the market. With detailed information from experienced authors, you are sure to find the best options to meet your needs and within your budget. Friendship, mutual admiration and exchange of experience are an integral part of outdoor activities. We are always happy to interview hunters and anglers who are the best in their field. Such interviews help newcomers avoid common mistakes and improve their skills faster. Professionals also enjoy exciting success stories and love to share them. Regardless of whether you are an experienced fisherman or a novice hunter, or even a beginner who just discovers the beauty of outdoor activities, you will find many useful tips on our website."