Text Classification Services
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Text Classification Services


Text classification services helps to categorize the important keywords in a document helping machines to understand and utilize the classified words and use the same for future interpretation. Text classification is done for NLP and speech recognition for developing virtual assistant, chatbots, search engines, and for AI-backed sentiment analysis.

Cogito is providing the text classification to provide as a texts data to train the machine learning model. The texts are classified using the data from various sources like mails, chat conversations, websites, social media, online portals. It is doing the document classification job with next level of security and accuracy.

Text classification offered by Cogito is available for sentiment analysis helping companies to understand the feelings and opinions of the customers. In text classification for sentiment analysis helps to categorized the important words that define the sentiments of the people in a better way. Cogito is doing the text classification with precision ensuing the accuracy in the each project.